Wonder Woman 1984: Simultaneous start in the cinema & streaming

Wonder Woman 1984 comes to the cinema earlier internationally. At the same time, Warner Bros. announced that the blockbuster will also be streamed on HBO at the same time.

Wonder Woman 1984 launches in cinemas globally on December 16. The film will also open in the USA on December 25th. But not only in the cinema there, there is my other approach.

At the same time, Wonder Woman will also start it there on HBO Max in 1984, as a stream. It is interesting, however, that, unlike Disney +, customers of HBO Max no longer have to pay, the film is included in the normal subscription.

Wonder Woman 1984 will only be available as a stream for the first 30 days. From day 31 to day 60 he will then only be shown exclusively in the cinema. From day 61, Warner Bros. will make the film available for digital paid rental (premium video on demand).


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