VW ID.3: Volkswagen has software ready, but not for everyone

Volkswagen has now confirmed that the software for the VW ID.3 has now been completed. The first models of the 1st edition were delivered to the customers with a software that was not yet completely finished.

The final software is now ready, but not everyone can enjoy it. In addition, the update does not come OTA (over-the-air), but the ID.3 driver has to visit a VW workshop for it.

Version "ME2" - so the internal name - should now deliver the missing features such as missing functions in the head-up display and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

From week 49, Volkswagen will then inform VW ID.3 customers who can go to a workshop to install the update. "First movers" should not be notified by Volkswagen until January 2021, so they have to wait the longest.

All the new VW ID.3s will be delivered with the final "ME2" firmware, which means that it is now the turn of the customers who have been waiting for the final software.


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