This time it is Xiaomi who begins to warm up engines for the Redmi K40

New smartphones are on the way. We are not only talking about the Redmi Note 9 5G or the Redmi Note 10 , but about the Redmi K40 that is once again on the lips of all the Chinese media after the latest statements by one of the Xiaomi executives.

Specifically, it has been Lu Weibing, CEO of Redmi, who through Weibo has begun to talk about the Redmi K30 to later hint at the arrival of something great . A clear example that something interesting is cooking in the pots of the Xiaomi sub-brand, being the Redmi K40.

These new details come after numerous rumors that ensure that the Redmi K40 Series will have an AMOLED screen at 120Hz , thus giving the necessary leap that so many users of the firm were crying out for after the Redmi K30 only had a 60Hz screen.

This time it is Xiaomi who begins to warm up engines for the Redmi K40. News Xiaomi

Post made on Weibo by lu Weibing (CEO of Redmi).

At the moment, the presentation date remains unconfirmed, although taking into account Xiaomi's renewal rate, the Redmi K40 could be presented much earlier than expected using a new Qualcomm processor that, like the Snapdragon 875, would be presented later. of year.

For our part, we will keep abreast of any news in this regard to bring you first-hand the slightest advance that arises in relation to the new Redmi K40 Series.

Source | Weibo 1 , Weibo 2

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