This gadget sold by Xiaomi is the ideal companion for your toothbrushes

In Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform we can find all kinds of interesting gadgets. An example of this is this ideal companion for toothbrushes that not only serves as a support, but is also a sterilizer for toothbrushes .

In detail, this toothbrush holder sold by Xiaomi has dimensions of 301x97x85mm . In addition, it has two rear slots that will allow us to screw it directly to the wall.

At the bottom of this holder we find a total of four slots in which we can place and sterilize conventional toothbrushes and electric brushes . In addition, two magnetized slots for glasses are added , leaving these upside down and therefore eliminating any remaining water.

The ideal toothbrush sterilizer that Xiaomi sells

esterilizador cepillos de dientes electricos con soporte de pared. Noticias Xiaomi A

In addition to forming a complete wall toothbrush holder, it has an ingenious sterilizer. Thanks to its ultraviolet light (UVC), our toothbrushes will be completely disinfected in just a few minutes .

esterilizador cepillos de dientes electricos con soporte de pared. Noticias Xiaomi A

For its operation it is only necessary to add 3 batteries inside, so there will be no visible cables that dirty its presence. In addition, this toothbrush sterilizer has a proximity sensor capable of automatically turning off the UV light in case we get close.

Beyond that, this toothbrush holder that Xiaomi offers us has a top cover that gives us access to a spacious interior . In this we can store all kinds of accessories such as toothpaste, interdentals or dental floss.

Price and where to buy it

esterilizador cepillos de dientes electricos con soporte de pared. Noticias Xiaomi A

Best of all, this interesting wall toothbrush holder is already on sale on AliExpress . For about 36 euros we can have a complete toothbrush sterilizer at home, which in addition to having a minimalist design and easy to combine, is very useful.

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