These 47 Android apps, games, icon packs & live wallpapers are available for free today

In the Google Play Store today you can dust off a whole range of apps, icon packs and wallpapers for free. There should definitely be something for you.

The apps are those that are temporarily free, i.e. those that otherwise cost something and that have a rating of at least 3 stars in the store.

Android apps

Mindfit (Free + , Google Play) →

Free for All VPN - Paid VPN Proxy Master 2020 (Free, Google Play) →

Password Manager: Store & Manage Passwords. (Free, Google Play) →

Shortcut Manager - Pin shortcuts @ home screen (Free, Google Play) →

Matrix Determinante Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Decimal to Fraction Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Fractional Calculation Math Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Money Manager (Elephant Bookkeeping) (€ 3.29, Google Play) →

Economy Calculator Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Number to word converter offline (Free, Google Play) →

Text Neck PRO - Forward Head Posture Correction (Free + , Google Play) →

EZ Notes - Mobile Notepad (Free, Google Play) →

First coloring book for kindergarten children (Free, Google Play) →

Android Games

Flippy Geometry 3D Polysphere Puzzles with poly (Free, Google Play) →

Alice Trapped in Wonderland (Free, Google Play) →

The Lost Fountain (Free, Google Play) →

Dungeon Corporation S: An auto-farming RPG game! (Free + , Google Play) →

Monster Numbers Full Version: Math for Kids (Free, Google Play) →

Dr. Panda's Ice Cream Truck (Free, Google Play) →

Crisis of the Middle Ages (Free, Google Play) →

½ Halfway (Free, Google Play) →

The Westport Independent (Free, Google Play) →

Sword Knights: Idle RPG (Premium) (To be announced, Google Play) →

Space Shooter: Alien vs Galaxy Attack (Premium) (Free + , Google Play) →

AceSpeeder3 (Free, Google Play) →

[VIP] Effects Party: Offline Merge Game (Free + , Google Play) →

Infinite Loop Puzzle (Free, Google Play) →

Tomb Hunter Pro (Free + , Google Play) →

Cat Forest (Free + , Google Play) →

Peppa Pig: Sports Day (Free, Google Play) →

WoodBox - Построй свою башню! (Free, Google Play) →

Cat town (Tap RPG) - Premium (To be announced, Google Play) →

Bricks Breaker Pro: No Ads (Free + , Google Play) →


The Secret of Crimson Manor (Free, Google Play) →

Zombie Masters VIP - Ultimate Action Game (Free + , Google Play) →

Animal Camp - Healing Resort (Free + , Google Play) →

Dr. Panda in Space (Free, Google Play) →

Hoopa City (Free, Google Play) →

Icon packs

Black & White HD - Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Cuticon Hexa - Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Color Lines - Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Color Metal - Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

FLUX - Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Shamrock - Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Cubemax 3D - Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Distraction Free Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Live wallpaper

Gray Bloom XIU for Kustom / Klwp (Free, Google Play) →

Hex AMOLED Neon Live Wallpaper (Free, Google Play) →

3D Dollar Sign Live Wallpaper (Free, Google Play) →

Gear Sun 2 (Free, Google Play) →

BLW Great Live Wallpapers (Free + , Google Play) →

3D Parallax Live Wallpaper - 4K Backgrounds (Free + , Google Play) →

WallApp - Wallpaper Manager (Free + , Google Play) →


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