The Xiaomi mijia 1S Photo Printer was launched in China for 599 yuan

Printer Design The recently released Xiaomi mijia 1S Photo Printer is similar to the previous mijia Photo Printer, which was launched in 2019, but has updated features. Priced at 599 yuan ($ 91.21), it is available on Xiaomi's official website in China.

Xiaomi mijia 1S Photo Printer can print photos in various sizes, ID photos as well as remotely. Xiaomi says it can easily connect to a mobile phone and print HD photos in 1 minute (1 minute means that each photo takes 1 minute to print).

Specifications and design of Mejia 1S photo printer

Xiaomi says the mijia 1S photo printer has an innovative integrated magnetic design and is available in white. The front of this machine has the Mejia logo and its paper tray compartment has a maximum capacity of 20 sheets. The upper part has power and hotspot buttons. Next to it opens a small compartment where you have to insert the tape. Xiaomi recommends using 20 sheets of paper for 6 inches and 10 sheets for 3 inches at the same time.

In terms of specifications, this printer supports 6-inch and 3-inch papers, operates at 24 volts and 1.6 amps, and has Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n. In general, it weighs 1.4 kg with its accessories and its dimensions are 194 x 124.6 x 83.6 mm. The box of this product comes with a printer, a power supply, a printing tape, 10 sheets of 6-inch and 10-inch photo paper and a 3-by-1-inch paper tray.

This printer can print photos in both 3 and 6 inch sizes. The size of the 6-inch photo is 148 x 100 mm, while the size of the 3-inch photo is 86 x 102 mm. In addition, the printer can print ID photos using the Mejia program. As mentioned, Xiaomi recommends that you print photos that are at least 3 inches in size using the Mejia app, as other apps may conflict with it. In addition, the printer has a ribbon for printing images, which Xiaomi says is enough to print 20 sheets of tape.


Xiaomi says about the quality of photo printing by this device that the images will be in HD quality and eye-catching. According to the company, the printing of images is done through professional color sublimation printing technology, where each point of color has a capacity of 256 levels. This printer does this with a maximum resolution of 300 dpi and 16.7 million colors, a wider color gamut with 1280 print heaters.

Another outstanding feature of this printer is that it automatically uses a clear protective film when printing. This makes the images waterproof and resistant to dust, fingerprint stains, etc. Therefore, photos can live longer without yellowing over the years.

Smart app connection

This smart printer also supports connectivity with mobile phones, tablets and computers. You can use WeChat or Mejia (v5.5.0) to print photos directly. It also supports remote printing where you can select the photo wherever you are through the program so that the printer can print it for you at home. In addition, the Mejia photo printer has a hotspot, and when turned on, the mobile phone can easily connect to it and even print photos without a program.

As mentioned, users can use the Mejia app to print ID photos. This printer has a predefined format of commonly used ID photos such as Japanese, US and EU visas. Mejia also has editing features such as eight filters, rotation and cropping.

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