The Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro has started to update to MIUI 12 in its Global variant

Step by step to the despair of many users, Xiaomi continues with the deployment of MIUI 12 to its global devices. This time it was the turn of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro , receiving in its Global variant the latest news of this long-awaited layer of customization.

In detail, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro has begun to receive the V12.0.1.0.QECMIXM update, in this case it is the update for the Global ROM and not for the European , also known as EU or by the acronym EEA.

In addition, it is a version called " Stable Beta ", this means that only a small number of users have received it, being in a few days if all goes well when all users of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro receive it.

El Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro ha comenzado a actualizarse a MIUI 12 en su variante Global

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro was the first Xiaomi device to incorporate a "transparent" design.

After this update, it is very likely that Xiaomi will end support for this device , at least in terms of large updates. It is therefore that if we want to resort to Android 11 or the news that MIUI 13 brings in itself, we will have to make use of the Custom ROMs on this device.

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And you know, before updating we recommend making a backup that contains the most important things that you store on your device. In addition, his thing is that you start the update on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro with at least 50% charge.

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