The Xiaomi Mi 10 is receiving Android 11 on MIUI 12 Global

Android 11 has just been released to the Xiaomi Mi 10 for MIUI 12 Global under the Mi Pilot program, which means that it is being tested by a small group of users. And this is very good news, because it means that in a very short time we could see this version of Android reach our phones , if the tests of the testers turn out to be satisfactory as soon as possible, which we hope so.

Android 11 is being released to the Xiaomi Mi 10 globally

Xiaomi Mi 10 está recibiendo Android 11 en MIUI 12 Global. Noticias Xiaomi A


In detail, the Xiaomi Mi 10 has begun to receive the MIUI 12 V12.2.1.0.RJBMIXM update based on Android 11 that occupies 3.0 GB , in the case of the update for the Global ROM , also known by the acronym MI . This is a version demonized as "Stable Beta" , this means that only a small number of users have received this update to MIUI 12 with Android 11, specifically those who are part of the Mi Pilot team of this phone, being in a short time if all goes well, when all users receive it.

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This update is a limited version for My Pilot testers, which means that the update process may take longer than usual. You can expect overheating issues and other performance issues after the update; it may take time for your device to adapt to the new version. Remember that some third-party apps are not yet compatible with Android R and you may not be able to use them normally.
Stable MIUI based on Android 11
Android security patch updated to October 2020. Increased system security.
New: new templates for vlogs
New: vlogs can now be saved as drafts
Optimization: new vlog templates and presets will be available to download from the cloud from now on

List of changes of the MIUI 12 Global Stable Beta with Android 11 for the Xiaomi Mi 10.

In turn, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and the Redmi K30 Pro (POCO F2 Pro) in China have already received a stable beta version of Android 11 under MIUI 12, so these phones would also be close to receiving Android 11 on their Global version.

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Where to download MIUI 12 for our Xiaomi

We also leave at your disposal a web page where you can find all the ROMs available for your Xiaomi phone and what their status is (if stable beta or stable), in addition to which you will find the download links for MIUI 12 both Global, European, etc, before other sites.

Likewise, there is also a Telegram channel available where you will be notified instantly of each new MIUI 12 update that is available, in order to be aware of how much the new version of MIUI will arrive.

Download MIUI 12 :

  • Link

MIUI 12 updates :

  • Telegram

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