The Xiaomi cloud improves its characteristics with up to five new features

Mi Cloud, Xiaomi's cloud, is updated again adding up to five new features . Focusing on improving productivity, this Xiaomi alternative to Google Drive has already been updated in China, awaiting its arrival in the Global version.

Among the novelties that Xiaomi has implemented in the Mi Cloud we find the possibility of converting PDF documents , carrying out intelligent searches or even the account sharing mode that we already anticipated some time ago.

In detail, the news that Mi Cloud has received are:

  • Possibility of converting images to PDF documents, allowing us to download the generated document.
  • New smart search system. Now we can search for "sky" for example and it will show us all those images where part of the sky appears.
  • Play videos online without the need to download them.
  • Possibility of sharing the same account with members of the same family.
  • New security system capable of storing the location of the smartphone in the cloud just before turning off. An ideal mechanism for cases of theft.

As we can see, the news is quite extensive, including a large part of those features that we have been seeing through the various betas that Xiaomi has launched. Of course, as we said, this update is focused on the Chinese version , so it will take time to see it in the global variant.

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