The new Amazfit GTS 2 mini already has a date and a presentation video

After presenting the Amazfit GTS 2 and Amazfit GTR 2 , the Xiaomi partner seems to have new launch plans. And, although we already knew they exist, it is now when the Amazfit GTS 2 mini has been officially shown .

In detail, this new smartwatch that we have already seen through its various certifications , has been officially shown on video. As you can see lines below, its design is very similar to that of the Amazfit Bip but without losing the essence of the Amazfit GTS 2.

As can be seen, the Amazfit GTS 2 mini will have a square format design , equipping a full color screen . In turn, it integrates a physical button on one of its sides and will be available in at least three colors: black, green and pink.

At the moment it is unknown what its characteristics will be, although taking into account its "mini" name, it would not be surprising that the Amazfit GTS 2 mini has a large part of the characteristics of its older brother , cutting out certain aspects related to its connectivity.

Its WiFi connection or perhaps the NFC, are some of those characteristics that we probably will not see in the Amazfit GTS 2 mini and that will only be in the Amazfit GTS 2, which by the way is already sold in the global market .

As far as presentation is concerned, this new Amazfit GTS 2 mini will be presented on December 1 . As always, we will be attentive to inform you as soon as there is more information about it.

Source | Weibo

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