The mythical Amazfit Pace sports watch for only € 38 in the last hours of 11.11 on AliExpress

There is less than 2 hours until the 11/11 or AliExpress World Shopping Day of this year ends . Throughout these days we have seen thousands of offers with discounts of up to 50% with shipping from Spain, which made them the best days to advance our Christmas purchases .

And as these promotions are almost about to end, we bring you the most remembered and desired sports watch in the Xiaomi ecosystem since it was launched, the Amazfit Pace .

The popular Amazfit sports watch for only € 38

El mítico reloj deportivo Amazfit Pace por solo 38€ en las últimas horas del 11.11 de AliExpress. Noticias Xiaomi A


In question, this watch has a 1.34-inch screen with ceramic bezel, double GPS + GLONASS satellite , PPG heart rate sensor, IP67 water and dust resistance, and an autonomy of 5 days among others. It also has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory to store songs and listen to them via bluetooth from the clock itself , you can also receive notifications from your phone and answer calls thanks to its microphone . More information


  • Buy Amazfit Pace : 38
  • Note: if you get another price, try using the coupon 11112020ES5 or 11112020ES3

Remember that AliExpress ends 11.11 at 8:59 AM, so hurry up!

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Coupons and more deals for 11.11 from AliExpress


  • onceonce30 -30 € discount on purchases of 290 € or more
  • 11FAST25 -25 € discount
  • 11FAST20 -20 € discount
  • AEBONUS -15 € discount
  • 11112020ES12 -12 € discount on purchases of 120 € or more
  • 11FAST10 -10 € discount

In case the ones above don't work try these:

  • 11112020ES3 -3 € discount on purchases of € 30 or more
  • 11112020ES5 -5 € discount on purchases of € 50 or more
  • 11112020ES7 -7 € discount on purchases of € 70 or more
  • 11112020ES10 -10 € discount on purchases of 100 € or more
  • onceonce20 -20 € discount on purchases of € 190 or more

There are also many more offers and discounts of up to 50% in Xiaomi and in other technology, home, fashion brands, etc., in this link .

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