The MIUI Health program can now track four sports activities without a fitness tracker

Earlier this year at the MIUI 12 launch event , Xiaomi announced a number of features of the MIUI Health app that typically require a fitness tracker or smartwatch. These features are now available to users seven months after their unveiling in China.

Xiaomi recently updated its MIUI Health app to v2.9.12 in China. The latest version of the app can be installed from app stores on Xiaomi and Redmi supported phones.

This new update to the MIUI Health program finally brings the sporty states that the company demonstrated at the MIUI 12 launch conference in late April. Interested users can use this program to track the following four activities.

Outdoor running




In addition to tracking, users can set goals and share their results with friends and family.

It should be noted that although we are not sure about the accuracy of this, but the same program, added a function to measure heart rate using the phone's camera and LED flash in September. Therefore, this program is expected to provide similar readings for sports modes.

By MIUI Health can now track four sports activities without a fitness tracker for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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