The best Xiaomi you can buy this Black Friday

One more year the long-awaited Black Friday Week has begun , a total of 5 days where we will discover great offers of all kinds and among which Xiaomi products could not be missing , be they smartphones or gadgets.

Both AliExpress and Amazon have already joined this price festival that will have its summit on November 27, celebrating the authentic Black Friday. Each of these platforms already has its exclusive portal from which you can access great offers , as well as coupons and discount codes.

In view of this, we have compiled the best Xiaomi smartphones that we can currently buy , whether they are mid-range, medium-high or high. In addition, we have added the links to the best offers for each one so that you can take advantage of the best price this Black Friday 2020.

POCO X3 NFC, the best quality / price option for this Black Friday

Los mejores Xiaomi que puedes comprar este Black Friday


As a first option and probably one of the best purchases of this Black Friday if what you are looking for is a smartphone with a great quality / price ratio, that is the POCO X3 NFC . Its performance, high screen refresh rate and its set of cameras has not left anyone disappointed. + info

Currently we can get it for 219 euros from Amazon Spain or through AliExpress for 177 euros and with a Nillking case as a gift using the discount code BF2020ES12 .

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G, the cheapest if you are looking for a 5G mobile

As a second option we find the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G . This becomes an ideal terminal for those looking for a smartphone with 5G for the future. It also comes with the most interesting features such as an AMOLED screen and a powerful Snapdragon 765G. + info

Los mejores Xiaomi que puedes comprar este Black Friday

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite.

Currently we can buy it in AliExpress for 204 euros if we use the code blackfriday20 . In addition, in AliExpress Plaza we can find it for 233 euros with shipping from Spain and its two years warranty.

POCO F2 Pro, great performance at a laugh price

The best Xiaomi you can buy this Black Friday

As a third option and a smartphone that is totally recommended for those looking for high performance and high-end features at a laughter price we find the POCO F2 Pro . Its current price makes it one of the best quality / price ratio of Xiaomi, since it adds nothing less than a Snapdragon 865. + info

Without going any further, the POCO F2 Pro was on Amazon Spain for just 299 euros a few days ago. Of course, this sold out in just a few hours, waiting for it to be available again. We will update the links as soon as they are available again.

Xiaomi Mi 10, a true high-end at half the price of others

Los mejores Xiaomi que puedes comprar este Black Friday

Xiaomi Mi 10.

Finally, the Xiaomi Mi 10 becomes a fully recommended purchase for those who are looking for a truly high-end at a good price. Without a doubt, an "all-terrain vehicle" that will not disappoint anyone. + info

Currently we can find it in AliExpress Plaza for 459 euros with shipping from Spain and 2 years warranty using the code MI10BF80 . In addition, it can also be purchased from China for 486 euros using the code BFDISFRUTA30 .

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