Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite could be on the go

Foldable smartphones may or may not be the future, but one thing is certain: they are still very expensive right now.

In the past we've heard that Samsung is working on a Galaxy Z Fold Lite that will be cheaper than the Z Fold 2. But now it seems that the project may have been put on hold.

The information comes from Ross Young, the founder of the DSCC and frequent contributor to rumors. He says he hasn't heard from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite in a while, which could indicate the project has been canceled.

But the hope for a more affordable foldable is not entirely lost. That's because Young recently heard of a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite, which is said to be cheaper than the Galaxy Z Flip. Interestingly, the new Lite model is said to keep the ultra-thin glass used on the Galaxy Z Flip.

This is in contrast to the rumors about the possible Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite - namely that, like the first Galaxy Fold, it would only be made of plastic for reasons of cost.

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