Samsung Galaxy S20 series: One UI 3.0 Beta 7 available in Germany

Samsung is now distributing the 7th beta of One UI 3.0 for the Galaxy S20 series in Germany. It will probably also be the last test version.

Within a few days, Samsung has released the next update for the test version of Android 11 for the Galaxy S20 series. Beta # 6 wasn't the last one after all.

In the Samsung member app, the latest update only has a general changelog that does not go into detail. Unless Samsung was just plain lazy, it suggests that there weren't too many problems left to solve.

There are currently some problems with the One UI 3.0 Beta, which is why some of the flagships have to wait a little longer than expected for Android 11.

Allegedly , the final update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series will be distributed in November , as Samsung recently revealed itself.


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