Samsung Galaxy Note 20 only gets a meager 120 points in DXOMARK

At the beginning of October, DXOMARK published the review for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. The flagship phone received a total of 120 points, which is clearly a disappointment.

Today DXOMARK has published the review for the Exynos version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. And it doesn't look much better here either.

Even the "simpler" Galaxy Note 20 in the Exynos version only got an overall grade of 120 points. Both models are rated equally and disappoint both. Because Samsung wanted to get back on the camera throne with the models.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a photo score of 123 points, a zoom score of 74 points and a video score of 105 points. That adds up to 120 points.

The test praises the phone's exposure and color rendering both indoors and outdoors. A laser autofocus sensor is missing, but the autofocus should be very precise. Because of its zoom performance, the Galaxy Note 20 is called "solid". The ultra-wide angle camera outperforms many of its competitors thanks to its large field of view and excellent exposure and color rendering.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also has problems with ringing, color fringes and less sharpness in ultra-wide-angle photos. There is also noise and color casts in the white balance in photos with little light.

The device is well suited for video recordings. The exposures are accurate and the color rendering is nice. However, the texture is reported to be a little weak even outdoors. Just like with photos, autofocus is fast when recording video.

DXOMARK concludes that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a good choice for anyone who does not want to fall back on the more expensive Ultra model. Despite different camera configurations, the camera performance of the two models is "overall very comparable".


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