Redmi Watch is official

The Redmi Watch is finally official. The watch was announced last year, but at that time with completely different specs.

You will look in vain for Wear OS with the Redmi Watch, here the manufacturer relies on its own system. That also keeps the price low, converted the watch to only EUR 40.00. But there are still a few nice features built in.

Redmi Watch
Source: Redmi

The watch is waterproof to 5ATM and has a 1.4 ″ display (320 × 320 pixels), heart rate monitor, Bluetooth 5 and in China even NFC for contactless payment on board.

There are also over 20 watch faces, but also sleep tracking, recording various types of sport - that works too. With one battery charge you should get by for 7 days, with battery protection even 12 days.

The Redmi Watch should again be manufactured by Huami, who manufacture a large part of the wearables in the Xiaomi universe.

The Redmi Watch is official post first appeared on Xiaomist .


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