POCO becomes more independent from Xiaomi than ever

Following the success of the POCOPHONE F1 , POCO decided to become independent from Xiaomi. Since then we have been seeing various smartphones by way of Xiaomi rehashes showing that this was not entirely true, until now, that apparently they will follow their own path.

During the presentation of the new POCO M3 , POCO presented its new manager for the Global division of the brand, announcing that they will now be more independent than ever , also confirming the arrival of their own POCO Community to global regions.

Directed now by Kevin Qiu , POCO will take a new path completely away from Xiaomi's influences when it comes to developing their own smartphones, or so they say ... their work philosophy will be based on the community, listening at all times to the end user .

According to Kevin Qiu himself, POCO will be based on three important factors: launching technologically new and necessary products for the day to day, will take into account the feedback of its community and will maintain a continuous evolution .

It is clear that only time will tell, but this time LITTLE if it seems to have changed its market strategy. Being the new POCO M3 the last smartphone that the brand launches during this 2020, it will not be until next year when we can see how true these words are and if POCO really will be a truly independent brand of Xiaomi.

The POCO entry becomes more independent from Xiaomi than it was ever published first in XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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