OnePlus: These functions, which are in great demand by users, will come in OxygenOS

The OnePlus community has spoken, and these ideas will help make OxygenOS even better! And we will see some of the highly sought-after functions in upcoming OnePlus smartphones.

At the beginning of this year, OnePlus launched the IDEAS program, which was supposed to collect suggestions for functions that should be implemented in OxygenOS. The program was a success and, according to OnePlus, "raised over 5,000 submissions and tens of thousands of discussions" .

OnePlus launched IDEAS 2.0 back in September and lasted until November 6th, and now we can see which ideas OnePlus has "adopted":

  • Separate volume for each app and allow two media to play : This idea is pretty self-explanatory, but this would allow each app to have its own volume setting. It would also prevent audio from other apps or even system sounds like a phone call from interrupting what the user is hearing. This allows users to give or deny permission to any apps that want to pause your music.
  • Partial Screenshot: With this feature, taking a screenshot would allow the user to select a specific part of the image to save. This would be especially useful when saving screenshots from social media pages that only focus on a specific area or image.
  • Customize screen lock : Essentially, you give users more freedom in how the lock screen works and looks with different clocks, shortcuts, and even weather information.
  • Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus and vice versa: "A file on a laptop should be able to be transferred to my OnePlus with a single click" . This feature would work similarly to something like AirDrop, which allows users to send data between any Apple device.
  • Add an FPS Counter Option to Game Space: This is an interesting submission that would give users a chance to track their gaming performance. More and more smartphones are taking advantage of high refresh rate displays, so this would be a way to see how well games benefit from them.
  • Dark mode should be black instead of gray, or at least one option for both: Dark mode has become extremely popular. Android has had a native Dark Mode for about a year now, but it seems that OnePlus users want to expand it further, with pitch black tones instead of gray tones that appear on some UI elements.
  • Power Diet - Saving for Bad Times: This is a more aggressive version of the Battery Saver that limits the functionality and services, and restricts the user to only using things like calls and SMS. Some smartphones, such as devices from LG and Samsung, already have such a function.

All of the features mentioned are pretty useful, and it would be nice if OnePlus implemented them as many of them can already be found in this year's top Android phones.

Now that these ideas have been "adopted", it is only a matter of time before we see that one of these features will find its way into future versions of OxygenOS!


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