OnePlus Nord disappoints in DXOMARK

Honest? I would have thought that the OnePlus Nord would do better in DXOMARK. But one can be mistaken.

The OnePlus Nord aims to offer top-notch camera features and a flagship camera experience. DXOMARK also confirms that the phone works very well in most cases. However, it still only comes to a meager 108 points.

OnePlus Nord Camera-DXOMARK-Review

After all, that is only 1 point less than what the testers gave the Huawei P20 Pro 2.5 years ago. And with this, OnePlus can fulfill its promise to offer first-class camera functions and a camera experience like that of a flagship - if only based on the result from 2 years ago.

In terms of photo and video performance, the OnePlus Nord achieves good results in good lighting conditions and offers good sharpness and detail, fast and reliable autofocus and precise exposure.

At night, however, the phone does not seem to be completely up to date, as the picture noise increases. The same applies to video recordings. The white balance also tends to be a little off at night. The lack of adequate stabilization during video recording also cost the OnePlus Nord a few points.


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