Nemeio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Fully Customizable Global E-Paper Keyboard

After a successful debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, Nemeio is now launching its innovative e-paper keyboard, which offers a variety of customization options for languages, software and more.

The Nemeio Keyboard launches today with Kickstarter, bringing newfound freedom and customization options for anyone who uses a keyboard at work or at home. With Nemeio, users can seamlessly switch between languages, program-specific shortcuts and every conceivable type of custom template. After a successful debut at CES with an innovation award in 2019, the team worked tirelessly to perfect the product before it was made available for pre-order.

Keyboards should be as individual as the people who use them. For people whose work or hobby requires a variety of software or language settings, using a standard keyboard can be frustrating. Users buy multiple keyboards to suit their every need. That is neither ecologically sustainable nor economically sensible.

Nemeio allows more freedom for the fingertips with the customizable keyboard. With e-paper technology, each user can adjust their settings based on their individual needs. Users can easily switch from QWERTY to AZERTY, French to Spanish accents, or simply add custom shortcuts. With their customizable keyboards, Nemeio provides the perfect number of keys to effortlessly navigate, memorize commands and change settings as often as you like. Regardless of whether the users are using a Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet, Nemeio creates a smooth connection via Bluetooth or USB to optimize their work and save time when completing tasks.

"Every country, every profession and every person has individual requirements for a keyboard," says Laurent de la Clergerie, founder of the LDLC group. "Nemeio is really a one-size-fits-all solution as it can be tailored to each individual user and every moment. This time it is the keyboard that will adapt to the users with Nemeio. "

Research from Global Workplace Analytics found that between 2005 and 2017 there was a 159 percent increase in remote working. COVID-19 sent many more workers home to work from home, and many bought new equipment to equip their workplaces. Nemeio offers a keyboard that can be used both at work and at home.

Now that remote learning is also a part of many people's technological needs, it is important to have work equipment that is suitable for each need. From business program shortcuts to distance learning, Nemeio has it all.

Nemeio is available for pre-order starting at $ 199 here:

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