It will be concrete: Samsung is planning the first smartphone with a camera under the display

Slowly things are becoming more specific at Samsung when it comes to the subject of the selfie camera under the display. now a model is mentioned with which Samsung wants to start the new era.

It won't be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S21. But the camera under the display will also arrive at Samsung in 2021! For this, however, they have now decided on a different model.

The successor to one of Samsung's best phones from 2020 could bring some massive upgrades. And what is meant is the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung is said to have made the decision this week that an under-display camera will be installed in this model for the first time.

So it also means that the development of the new technology has been completed or has come a whole step further and the quality of the pictures taken is even satisfactory to Samsung.


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