iOS 15: These iPhones get nothing

The update guarantee also ends with Apple and iOS at some point. Even if much later than with Android. And of course not all iPhones will get the update to iOS 15.

Even if iOS 15 is not expected until September next year, development work for it is already in full swing. However, not all iPhone users will be able to enjoy the new iOS iteration.

And so it is hardly surprising that next year the oldest iPhones, which received iOS 14 in September this year, will probably go away empty-handed next year.

Accordingly, users of an iPhone 6S, an iPhone 6S Plus and an iPhone SE of the first generation will no longer receive an update to iOS 15.

However, that does not mean that there will be no more updates for the models mentioned. If there are critical security gaps, Apple should continue to distribute updates.

These assumptions are not yet official. Nevertheless, The Verifyer was right in saying that Apple would also get an update to iOS 14 for all iPhone models that had iOS 13 on board.

The Verifier

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