In addition to the Amazfit GTS 2e smartwatch, there will also be an Amazfit GTR 2e

While yesterday we discovered the Amazfit GTS 2e as an inexpensive variant of the Amazfit GTS 2 itself, Xiaomi's partner seems to have more expansion plans with another variant more named in this case, Amazfit GTR 2e .

With a model number A2023 , this new smartphone with the Amazfit GTR 2e denomination has been certified by the FCC, where we can also see some images of its interface showing us that it is very similar in this regard to the Amazfit GTR 2 .

As we can see below, the Amazfit GTR 2e will keep its screen in a round format , adding in turn a full color screen that could be the same as that found in its superior model.

Además del smartwatch Amazfit GTS 2e, también habrá un Amazfit GTR 2e. Noticias Xiaomi A

FCC certification of the Amazfit GTR 2e.

Beyond that, everything remains unknown, so it is not known for sure what that "e" will mean in his name. According to some rumors, this could be an indication as a "lite" version , so the Amazfit GTR 2e could lose some features such as its WiFi connection or ECG support.

For our part, we will keep abreast of any new information in this regard. In itself, it is expected that this new smartwatche together with the Amazfit GTS 2e will be launched this year as an economic version of their respective superior versions.

The entry In addition to the Amazfit GTS 2e smartwatch, there will also be an Amazfit GTR 2e was published first in XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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