Huawei: Qualcomm has obtained a license to deliver chips

Last year, the US government added Huawei to its Entity List, thereby restricting supplies to Huawei from American companies, including chipsets based on US technology. Because of this limitation, Huawei faced difficulties and a shortage of processors this year.

Previously, Intel had received permission to sell its chipsets to Huawei, Samsung and LG received a license to sell OLED displays to Huawei. In addition, companies that make memory chips, including South Korean SK Hynix and MediaTek, applied for the same permit.

Huawei's Guo Ping has already confirmed that it will also consider installing Qualcomm chips in its smartphones when Qualcomm receives a license to sell its chipsets.

In this regard, there are now indications that Qualcomm has received the license to supply the chipset to Huawei. An official confirmation is still pending.

If that's true, then the company's upcoming high-end flagships, including the P and Mate lines, could be equipped with Snapdragon SoCs.

In addition, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ( TSMC ) has also applied for a license to manufacture chipsets for Huawei, and there is a possibility that TSMC will also receive approval shortly.


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