Huawei: Most Cellular Device Patents Before Qualcomm 2020

According to a recently published report, the Shenzhen-based manufacturer Huawei tops the list of pending patents in wireless communications this year.

Huawei has registered 8,607 patents. China and the USA are on par with both countries each accounting for around 32 percent of global patents for 2020.

With this performance, Huawei surpassed the US-based manufacturer Qualcomm. This is an indication of tremendous progress in research and development, even under the extreme market conditions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, combined with the US export restrictions still in place.

In the ten-month period from January to October 2020, Huawei filed 8,607 mobile communications patents, dwarfing the 5,807 patents of the US chip manufacturer Qualcomm.

China's leading position this year was further consolidated by the up-and-coming smartphone manufacturer OPPO and the Beijing-based database provider incoPat. Oppo followed Qualcomm in third place with 5,353 patents pending in 2020.

China and the United States accounted for about 65 percent of global patents, while Japan and South Korea contributed 15 and 7 percent, respectively.


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