Google: The update end for Pixel 2 (XL) is here

The end is here! So for the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL anyway. There will no longer be updates for the devices.

3 years go by that quickly. 3 years during which the Pixel 2 (XL) received monthly security updates. But that is now over, as Google has now announced to the users of the models.

Google has also deactivated the update button in the system settings. It is now official that Pixel 2 (XL) is no longer in the update distribution.

Google Pixel 2 XL No Update
Source: Zakker on reddit

Sure, should there be a major security problem, the two models will of course also receive a corresponding update, but then out of sequence.

But Google is no longer alone with a 3-year update guarantee, other manufacturers have already caught up or even offer more.


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