Google Pixel 5 seems to have big problems with the volume control

Recently, users complained about an issue affecting the new Pixel 5: there is reportedly an issue with the volume control on the phone.

So the volume of the phone is supposed to drop randomly when watching videos. Users have already reported the issues on the Google Pixel Support forum.

Apparently there are two aspects to the problem: First, the volume would become too low and drop randomly when users watch videos. The second point of the problem is related to the system tones, which for some affected users become uncomfortably loud even though they are set to the lowest setting. The system noises include the shutter release sound of the camera, the dial tone and, among other things, the sound when taking a screenshot.

In addition, users report that unless the system is set to vibrate or quiet mode, the volume controls do not fix the problem and, despite their settings, the system sounds remain loud.

Pixel 5 owners have been complaining about the problem on Reddit since October 17th. However, you have not yet received a possible solution from Google.

This week, a Google representative addressed the issue, stating that the ringtones and notification settings are linked and that changing the volume on either one affects both.

The Google employee also said they would work on improving the settings, apparently in a future software update for the Pixel 5.


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