Google Pixel 4a achieved a decent 111 points in DxOMark

You can see what even a single camera can do today if the software fits. Because the Pixel 4a with its single camera gets a decent 111 points in the DxOMark.

A single camera on the back of a smartphone at the end of 2020 is actually in vain for all smartphones. Except for the Pixel 4a from Google, here trusts in the tried and tested. And shows that you can land in the middle of the field.

Sure, the Pixel 4a can't keep up with the top, but it makes many models with dual cameras or even more look old. But Google is now really squeezing the last bit out of the software.

In the photo category, the model even achieved a remarkable 122 points, and is therefore not as far from the top as you might think.

According to DxOMark, the image quality of the Pixel 4a can be compared with that of the Pixel 4 from the previous year. It has good color rendering, auto focus, exposure, and artifact control. In the video category, it gets 98 points, which is better than Pixel 4. Despite good colors, autofocus and noise level, the overall video quality seems to lag far behind that of the competition.

The good exposure, autofocus, white balance (night) for photos and good vivid color rendering (inside, outside) and a good outside noise level for videos were also rated positively.

The Pixel 4a's limited dynamic range, an orange color cast and the low level of detail in photos and videos were criticized not quite as well. In addition, autofocus errors occur with long zoom and limited portrait DOF (depth of field).


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