Google blocks GApps for Huawei Kirin chips

Google is now taking a somewhat clearer stance against the use of its apps and services on the latest Huawei smartphones. Now there appears to be a hardware lock.

In several forums it is now reported that manual installation of the GApps on a Huawei smartphone is no longer possible. An "incompatible CPU" is reported as the reason.

This error message is said to have been appearing for a month with some users. Google has now apparently blocked Huawei's Kirin SoC to prevent manual installation on such smartphones.

Fun fact by the way: The error message indicates that please install the public GApps on the Google Play Store. Funnily enough, the new Huawei smartphones no longer have access to them.

Even Huawei models that still officially use Google services and apps can no longer be manually equipped with the GApps. So it seems that Google has pushed the manual installation of the GApps on the Chinese manufacturer's devices.

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