Eliminate the advertising of third-party apps and improve the charge of your Xiaomi with this trick

As a general rule, a large part of the applications that are free on Android usually contain a multitude of advertising banners . These, in most cases, are quite annoying, making the user experience not entirely good.

Even so, there is a method that allows us to avoid much of this advertising without the need to install an application , in turn improving security and speed when loading Web pages and content through the network.

In itself, the method that we are going to explain to you is to use AdGuard's DNS , the most famous ad blocker that we can currently find for Android and Windows. By using this, we can quickly and easily eliminate annoying ads.

This is how you can remove advertising from third-party apps that you have on your Xiaomi

Making use of AdGuard's DNS will also make web pages load faster.

Basically what we will do is use a different DNS than the usual one or the one provided by our operator. This, for those of you who do not know it, is in charge of "translating" domain names into IP addresses , since the names are easier to remember and less prone to changes.

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With this, every time that a third-party application that we have in our Xiaomi tries to resolve the IP address of a certain ad service, the AdGuard DNS will recognize it by blocking the translation of it and therefore the ad will not appear in the application.

Remove ads from third-party apps on MIUI

Changing the private DNS in MIUI 12 in order to eliminate advertisements and advertisements from third-party applications is very simple. To do this, we just have to follow the following steps:

This is how you can remove advertising from third-party apps that you have on your Xiaomi

  1. Go to Settings> Connection and share
  2. Once inside, click on " Private DNS " which is generally disabled.
  3. Once done we put the following DNS as « Host name of the private DNS provider «: dns.adguard.com

Once done we will save the changes. With this, we will ensure that the DNS resolution is carried out through the AdGuard DNS server, thus avoiding advertising and making connections faster .

AdGuard-Inhaltsblocker (Free, Google Play) →

Also, in case this method does not manage to eliminate the advertising modality, we can use the AdGuard application available for Android from Google Play itself .

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