Earn free storage on your Xiaomi with these two tips

We store more and more information on our smartphones . It is not only about applications and the occasional photo, but also all kinds of audiovisual content, games, documents and all kinds of files that we always want to carry with us.

Fortunately, mobile devices increasingly have more storage, allowing us to not have to worry about it to some extent. Even so, this is finite and with the passage of time we usually fill the storage of our Xiaomi .

That is why below we are going to leave you two tips so that you can free up storage on your Xiaomi , especially in those devices that have MIUI 12. With this, we will get rid of certain files that take up space and that in most cases we will to ever need.

Do not forget that there is a trash can for photos and videos

The first of the tips is to delete the photos and videos that are in the gallery trash. When we delete this type of content from our smartphone, they are not deleted themselves, but instead go to the MIUI 12 trash .

Win free storage on your Xiaomi with these two tips. News Xiaomi Win free storage on your Xiaomi with these two tips. News Xiaomi

To do this we just have to access the gallery application, then the "Albums" section. In this we will find the album "Trash" where the photos and videos that we have deleted will be stored for 30 days , thus occupying storage space.

In addition, this advice is of second use to us. If we want a photo or video , we already know that these are not completely deleted, but go to the Trash album available in the MIUI Gallery.

Numerous backup copies could be being stored on your Xiaomi

In addition, the second advice that we bring you thanks to the user -TYR- of the Xiaomi community, is given by the numerous backup copies that are usually stored on our mobile device if we have activated this option at some point.

Win free storage on your Xiaomi with these two tips. News Xiaomi

Theirs is that the backups are stored outside the device , specifically in a cloud service such as Xiaomi Mi Cloud . Having them on our smartphone is not recommended and also, they take up space ... a lot of space.

These are located in the MIUI folder located at the root of our Xiaomi storage. To eliminate them we will have to access from the file explorer and do it manually, always knowing for sure what we are eliminating. In this case the files named with the word " Backup ".

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