Corona warning app should be further improved

It should be clear that the Corona warning app is not the ultimate answer. Still, you keep refining to improve it.

Der Spiegel is now reporting that the app should have a number of other functions. But the real problem with data protection will not be able to be solved in this way either.

Because the app actually fails due to too strict data protection in Germany and can therefore not fully develop its potential, regardless of which features are still included. I should honestly say that.

Nevertheless, it is planned to lift the limit of a comparison of the data within 24 hours. Instead, there should be two push notifications if you tested positive (after 2 hours and 4 hours).

The contact diary is also still in the running and should help to better understand chains of infection. And last but not least, the Corona warning app should offer more information so that it can be used more often.

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