Calling Android home: Too much background traffic to Google

Android's urge to call home could now become an expensive proposition for Google. In the USA, a user has now filed a lawsuit because the background traffic to Google alone consumes several 100 MB per month.

Android smartphones make contact with the Google servers without being asked and at regular intervals. In doing so, data is consumed, and not only with an active WiFi connection!

Another problem is that the data can be sent without actively using the devices. According to the indictment of the US user, his Android smartphone contacts Google 6 times an hour without being asked, causing traffic of almost 9 MB per day. As I said, it doesn't matter which connection the user has just activated.

"As for the plaintiffs, it concerns data that is sent to Google's servers and is not the result of an intentional interaction with a mobile device - we are talking about passive or background data transmission over the cellular network".

So it is not about the transmission of the data itself, but that this also happens via the cellular network. Google should change this and reduce data transfer over the cellular network to an absolute minimum.

In countries with flat rates this is certainly not a problem. But there are also users who only have a tight monthly data budget. And then every megabyte is precious.

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