AVM: New Fritz Laboratory Version for Fritzbox 7590 available

New week, new update from AVM. AVM has been distributing the new laboratory version 07.24-83272 for the Fritzbox 7590 since November 10th.

AVM is currently distributing the new laboratory version 07.24-83272 for its top router for DSL and VDSL, which should bring some improvements, especially in the area of ​​telephony. It cannot be ruled out that the version will also be made available for other Fritzbox models.

The display and management of entries in telephone books has been completely revised. Users can now view photos in an overview, select columns to display and copy and move entries between phone books.

Furthermore, with the new laboratory version, the settings for sending and receiving faxes have also been combined under "Telephony / Telephony Devices" and now it is also possible to use the "E-Mail" and "RSS" tabs in the "Telephony / Telephony Devices" menu when the DECT is switched off fade out.

Fritzbox 7590 laboratory version 07.24-83272 changelog


  • NEW - One network device is preferred over all others, this property can be activated in the "Details" of the device in the home network
  • Improvement - For Internet access via LAN 1, speeds greater than 1 Gbit / s can now be set in the user interface
  • Fixed - If the primary Internet connection failed and the extended failure protection took effect , it was not possible to transfer support data to AVM


  • Improvement - Improved auto channel function after detection of sources of interference (5 GHz band) Improvement - Usability revision of the WLAN> Radio channel page
  • Improvement - New message under "System / Events" when the maximum number of WLAN repeaters is exceeded


  • Improvement - Support data can be sent again to AVM without waiting after the sending process has been completed


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