Audi A8: E-model will inherit luxury sedans

The Audi A8 luxury sedan will not have a direct successor. And certainly not a gasoline engine. The "Artemis" project is intended to plow the luxury class here in the future.

The Audi A8 should run until 2024. And then the model series should be over. As you can now read, a new sedan will take its place, but then as a purely electric car.

The new model will then no longer be built at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm, but with the electric models of the sister brands Bentley and Porsche at the Volkswagen plant in Hanover.

Audi boss Duesmann has announced a "highly efficient electric car" for 2024, which will be given a first preview next year.

Very little is known about the successor to the A8. It is currently still in the concept phase. At the moment, the decision is likely to be made between a four-door coupe and a shooting brake.

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