Am I allowed to do that? With this app you can get through everyday corona better

Lockdown is currently the order of the day in Germany. Lockdown light, but there are a number of rules that you have to adhere to.

Every federal state or district cooks its own soup, so that you can quickly lose track of things. That this does not happen, the app "May I do that?" Wants to help you.

The free app aims to help show a precise overview of all regulations in the selected region. Maybe that's the perfect app in conjunction with the Corona warning app ?!

And here is the synopsis of the programmer for the May I do that? App:

"What are you actually allowed to do, and which rules and laws are currently valid in your region?

During Corona, different rules apply in all federal states, and even the next district can be subject to different decrees. As part of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are almost daily new laws and regulations that affect our everyday lives.
Staying informed can be difficult!

The "May I do that?" App gives you a precise overview of all regulations in your region. You have the option to filter by location and topic and see all the information that is important to you at a glance. Are the cinemas open, can you go back to bars and restaurants? Do you have to wear a mask when shopping and on the bus and train? "May I do that?" Gives you the opportunity to look specifically for your location and the topics that really interest you. Get rid of annoying online searches and outdated information in unmanageable ordinances and decrees.
The app can be used without registration and free of charge. No personal data is collected or stored.

With "May I do that?" You always have the latest overview - quick, easy, safe. "

Am I allowed to do that? (Free, Google Play) →

Can i do that? (Free, App Store) →


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