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HTC records sales jump in September 2020

HTC recently released its latest 2020 sales figures. And it looks like September 2020 was the top-selling month for HTC since September 2019.

It is hard to believe that the once well-known and popular smartphone brand HTC is now finding it very difficult to assert itself in the market.

The downward spiral in market share, especially in recent years, had been quite violent. HTC is also unable to produce the number of new smartphones the company launched in its golden days.

However, 2020 brought a change for HTC. The smartphone OEM quietly launched some devices over the summer. The decision seems to be paying off for HTC.

Sales are skyrocketing for HTC, and it has been its best month since September 2019. And given the company's current position in the market, the news is good for the company's morale.

According to HTC, revenues of approximately NT $ 817 million were generated. That is around EUR 24 million.

But there is a downside to these improved numbers. The last time HTC had such good numbers was in September 2019.

And while this was one of the best months for the company in terms of sales, sales in September 2020 fell to about 35.94 percent compared to September 2019.


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