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Corona warning app: New update announced for Monday

According to information from ZDF, the Corona warning app will receive a new update on Monday. Version 1.5 was announced by the RKI.

The number of infections is skyrocketing in Germany and in the rest of Europe. The RKI therefore strongly recommends using the app. And also to install the new update on Monday.

The Corona Warning App Version 1.5 will then offer two new functions:

  1. Those who have tested positive can voluntarily enter symptoms of illness in order to be able to implement warnings from contacts even more precisely. There should be a kind of diary function for this.
  2. The app will work in many European countries beyond the borders of Germany.

The new features are hoped for even better traceability of the infection and the app should be able to provide better risk calculations.

Infected people are only contagious for a certain period of time. This period begins two days before the onset of symptoms and lasts for about a week to ten days after the onset of symptoms.

"The more we know about the symptoms and the period of the symptoms, the more precisely we can set the warnings in the app"

Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

The app has now been downloaded almost 19.6 million times, even if the RKI has not published any figures for a long time. Experts assume that the application is actively used by around 16 million people in Germany.


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