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iFixit: iPhone 12 camera cannot be repaired by a third party

Is this the end of the repairable iPhone? According to a report by iFixit, Apple added another repair barrier for the iPhone 12. This will further restrict third parties from helping users replace the camera module. Technicians discovered that the iPhone 12's camera requires software authorization to function normally after parts are replaced. This is not the case with previous iPhones. With older models, the camera can simply be exchanged and used perfectly without any further steps. iFixit said the camera and display are among the most common parts that need to be repaired or replaced by the user. Apple continues to add more and more restrictions to its devices and it is now difficult for uncertified technicians to replace or repair devices for iPhone. If parts of the iPhone 12's camera are replaced without official approval from Apple, it will appear to operate normally at startup, but some malfunctions may occur during normal use. iFixit pointed out that the camera can

Huawei Nova 5T firmware update [YAL-L21 (C431E4R1P2)]

It's time for the monthly security update for the Huawei Nova 5T. The update with the designation YAL-L21 (C431E4R1P2) is now ready. The update is 211 MB this time, so WiFi might be recommended for downloading the patch. Before the installation, however, the personal data must be saved for security. The changelog shows here that there is only one new security patch from September 2020 for the Huawei Nova 5T. Not quite the latest, but Huawei keeps the model up to date. YAL-L21 (C431E4R1P2) changelog List of changes This update improves system security using Android security patches. [Security] Integrates Android security patches released in September 2020 for improved system security. For more information on the security of Huawei's EMUI system updates, please visit the official Huawei website: Thanks Artur for the tip! The article Huawei Nova 5T firmware update [YAL-L21 (C431E4R

Honor View 10 Firmware Update [BKL-L09 (C432E6R1P4)]

The Honor View 10 gets a new firmware update after a long time. The August 2020 security patch called BKL-L09 (C432E6R1P4) is here. The Honor View 10 firmware update BKL-L09 (C432E6R1P4) is now being distributed. The update is an impressive 629 MB. Downloading via WiFi would be a good idea for this. In addition, you should not forget to back up your personal data before the installation. BKL-L09 (C432E6R1P4) changelog Update package change list 1 This update improves system security using Android security patches. Change list of the update package 2 This update improves system stability in certain scenarios. As always, the Honor View 10 firmware update will be rolled out in waves. Just see if the update is ready for you. Thanks Leon for the tip! Honor View 10 Firmware Update [BKL-L09 (C432E6R1P4)] first appeared on Xiaomist .

Amazfit GTR and GTS are updated with REM phase detection

The Amazfit GTR, GTS and GTS Lite smartwatches from the Xiaomi partner have just received an interesting update, which, among other things, adds support for the detection of the REM phase , offering an advanced measurement of the quality of our sleep. Luckily, it is very good news that despite Huami (under the Amazfit brand) releasing the GTR 2 and GTS 2 , it still continues to offer updates and new features to its previous smartwatches. REM phase detection and GPS improvements In detail, the REM or rapid eye movement (rapid eye movement by its acronym in English), is one of the most important phases of a total of 4 that is in our dream. To be able to activate this feature in your Amazfit you must open the Zepp app and then go to the Heart Rate Monitoring settings> Monitoring method and select Sleep Assistant . In addition, the update improves the positioning of the GPS , so it will be more precise when it comes to geolocating you while you exercise. At the moment, this

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: S-Pen will probably be slimmed down significantly

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will probably be the first model in the series to feature an S-Pen. But at what price? A new insider report has just raised some S-Pen quality concerns in the context of Samsung's next flagship product. As things stand now, it appears that the Galaxy S21 Ultra S-Pen will not have Bluetooth support. You'd think that in itself wouldn't be such a big deal. But it essentially sets the S-Pen back several generations. Sure, maybe marketing hyped things up a little. But more than two years later, the Galaxy Note range has some really useful features over this Bluetooth connection. That means that with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra you will apparently get an S-Pen at the level of 2018 at best. Not exactly a selling point when it comes to selling a device at a price well over 1,000 euros. The article Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: S-Pen will probably be significantly slimmed down first appeared on Xiaomist .

Corona warning app cracks 20 million downloads

The Corona warning app has cleared the hurdle of 20 million downloads. 21.1 million downloads have now been confirmed by the RKI. The Corona warning app has been available for download in Germany since mid-June. Since then it has been downloaded 11.5 million times on Google and 9.6 million times on Apple. The numbers are from October 29th. Users should continue to open the app at least once a day in order to be able to carry out the data comparison and to receive a timely warning in an emergency. Unfortunately, there is currently no other way. The second wave of infections is currently running across the globe and Germany is not spared either. We are approaching the 20,000 illnesses a day. This could have led to the corona warning app being a little more in focus again. Corona warning app (free, Google Play) → Corona warning app (free, App Store) → Sources): RKI The article Corona warning app cracks 20 million downloads first appeared on Xiaomist .

Pixel 5 Teardown [Video]

The Google Pixel 5 has now found its way into retail. And there are already the first problems . But especially with pixel smartphones, this is not unusual, every generation of the devices had to struggle with various quirks. What could be better than a full teardown video of the Pixel 5 to take a closer look at the inner workings of the smartphone? The device seems to be assembled very neatly and sensibly inside. All in all, we find a modular structure that should make repairs quite easy at a later date. But enough of the words, here is the Google Pixel 5 teardown video for you. Have fun watching: The post Pixel 5 Teardown [Video] first appeared on Xiaomist .

Samsung reveals One UI 3.0 highlights

The betas of the new user interface One UI 3.0 are currently running on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series. Samsung is now telling us what news we can expect. Delightful experiences designed by you With One UI, your Galaxy will be simpler, more comfortable and optimized. It offers you meaningful innovations and improves your everyday life and ensures that you can adapt to the constantly changing world. One UI is also constantly evolving to bring your joyful experiences to life. Source: Samsung Designed for your convenience With the extended quick panel you can switch seamlessly between your music and your videos. With the improved notification panel, more information is available at a glance, even when the phone is locked, and you can easily check messages from multiple apps in one place. Source: Samsung Designed to be optimized for screen size. A single user interface makes your Galaxy Z Fold2 experience even more special. Once unfolded, your applications adapt

Telegram 7.2 is distributed

Telegram had released a major update a few weeks ago that included search filters, channel responses, and more. But that doesn't mean the team is taking a break. With version 7.2 released today, the popular messenger application is getting improvements in pinned messages, location sharing, seasonal animated emoji, and more. Multiple messages can now be pinned, with a tap on the top bar jumping back and forth between them. There's also a new button to show them all at once. The pinned messages are now also available in one-on-one chats and not just in channels and groups. Updates to location sharing are now also available in this version. If friends choose to share their location live, a notification can now be set up when they approach so that you don't have to keep looking at your phone. A number of other improvements have been made in this update. If you want to broadcast multiple songs at once, they are grouped in a playlist so that they are easier to listen to, sh

Huawei Mate 40 range sold out in 11 seconds

The new Huawei Mate 40 range is selling like hot cakes. In China the models were available since yesterday - and completely sold out within 11 seconds. The Huawei Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro + are available in China, the PORSCHE DESIGN comes later. But these 3 model variants seem to be in great demand in Huawei's home country. A few days ago it was reported that PORSCHE DESIGN had been pre-ordered more than 200,000 times , despite the price above the 2,000 euro mark. reports that the Huawei Mate 40 series is currently the most popular smartphone on its platform. The data shows that within an hour, the number of users looking for the Mate 40 series is 600 percent higher than the Mate 30 series last year. Sources): The article Huawei Mate 40 series sold out in 11 seconds first appeared on Xiaomist .

Snapdragon 875 achieved an incredible 847,868 points in AnTuTu

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 will be presented in early December . And then, when it comes to speed, put everything that has gone before in the shade. Before we introduced the new flagship SoC, we received some interesting information. The Snapdragon 875 AnTuTu score has now been leaked - and just amazing! For comparison: It is around 25 percent faster than its predecessor. According to the leaked AnTuTu benchmark, the Snapdragon 875 scored around 847,000 points. It's not only impressive, it's incredible. For comparison: The Snapdragon 865 scored 663,000 points. The difference between the Snapdragon 865 and the Snapdragon 875 is 184,000 points. The A14 Bionic chipset from Apple comes in the AnTuTu results of the iPhone 12 are 660,000 points. That's not bad at all, but it's not much different from last year's Snapdragon 865. The HiSilicon Kirin 9000 from Huawei was able to score 696,000 points. But here, too, there are worlds until the new Qualcomm Snapdra

Redmi Note 7 Global is updated to MIUI 12 Stable (Download)

After deploying its first Stable Beta version, MIUI 12 Global stable has just been launched in a staggered manner for all those Redmi Note 7 users who use the MIUI Global ROM , that is, the MI. After a week of the arrival of the European version , MIUI 12 Global can now be downloaded on the Redmi Note 7 through version V12.0.1.0.QFGMIXM , which occupies about 2.0 GB the full ROM and 821 MB the OTA MIUI 12 incremental. Thanks to this first update, Redmi Note 7 users will be able to use and test a large part of the news of MIUI 12, which maintains Android 10 as it already had in MIUI 11. Of course, it adds the October security patch , but some news such as Super Wallpapers are not available for this device. MIUI 12 Global for the Redmi Note 7. In addition, we are facing the update aimed at the Global market , that is, the MIUI 12 update for Redmi Note 7 sold globally and not intended for a particular region. To manually download this first MIUI 12 update for the Redmi Note

Xiaomi presents new Store concept: Xiaomi Pop-up shop

Xiaomi has devised a new type of store or Mi Stores "pop-up" very different from what is already known. This is how the general manager of Xiaomi for central and eastern Europe, and the Nordic countries, Andrew Wong , tells us from his tweet . This new type of Xiaomi or Mi Stores stores, which they have baptized as Xiaomi Pop-Up, would be a cheaper solution, together with the Xiaomi Store on Wheels , in addition, it could be possible to move them easily , in order to cover and expand to more zones with ease. In detail, this video has been uploaded to the Vimeo platform by Aleksandar Mitic , the head of distribution for Tekpoint , an official Xiaomi distributor based in Vienna, Austria. As we can see, a Mi Store is presented in container format , with a sufficient size to be able to go and buy your favorite Xiaomi products or just browse. This has a gate that is operated by a pulley, which acts as the floor, in order to expand the store towards the street. Likewise,

Extreme battery saving: how to activate it on your Xiaomi and what effects it has

Among the wide variety of news that MIUI 12 brings to our Xiaomi we find the Extreme Battery Saver . By limiting certain functionalities of our smartphone, this mode offers us in exchange an extension of the autonomy and a considerable saving of battery . In the face of emergency situations where we need to keep our smartphone on in any case, activating the MIUI 12 r Battery Saver mode will restrict the functions that consume more battery , decreasing the performance of the device. That is, after activating the Extreme Energy Saving we can continue to use the basic functions of our smartphone such as making calls, accessing SMS or maintaining the internet connection. "Extreme battery saving" mode activated. In addition, the extreme battery saving mode allows us to configure which applications will be accessible , completely modifying the desktop of our smartphone. From the new appearance that will be shown, we will be able to see only the allowed applications, as wel

Xiaomi s latest mijia air purifier

Xiaomi has launched a new flagship air purifier called X mijia Air Purifier. The design of this air purifier is completely different from all previous Mejia air purifiers and is currently being pre-sold at for 1999 yuan ($ 300). The mijia X air purifier uses a new metallic design that looks a bit like a computer. The air vent is also located at the top next to the LCD screen to check the air quality inside the apartment. In addition, the Mejia X air purifier is equipped with a more sensitive Swiss imported VOC sensor that can more sensitively detect the content of internal VOC pollutants, support a 5x filter with high accuracy, and powerfully eliminate VOC and formaldehyde. بردببرد. The data is displayed on the screen to help users better understand the status of internal VOC contamination. This air purifier can display the comprehensive air quality level (AQ), VOC pollution level, PM2.5 and change curve, allowing users to view the status of VOC pollution over time. The Meji

Samsung Galaxy S20 series: 3rd beta of One UI 3.0 available in Germany

The third beta of the new user interface One UI 3.0 based on Android 11 for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is now available in Germany. 2 weeks ago in Germany, the Beta is started , a week ago Samsung had then to test the second beta released . One UI 3.0 brings many new features. But until the update is finally distributed, it is still a matter of finding errors. The new update is almost 645.58 MB in size and has the build number G98xxXXU1ZTJN and again fixes numerous minor problems and even introduces improvements. Users can even look forward to the November 2020 patch, which is also already available in the trial version. So if you have already registered for the beta, you can download and install Beta # 3 from UI 3.0. And of course continue to search for errors. Sources) AllaboutSamsung The article Samsung Galaxy S20 series: 3rd beta of One UI 3.0 available in Germany first appeared on Xiaomist .

Xiaomi s folding smartphone seems to be on the way after appearing in the MIUI code

Beyond the Redmi Note 10 that have already been certified , Xiaomi seems to have more surprise for us. We are no longer talking about new generations, but about the long-awaited folding smartphone that we have been waiting for so long. This has been discovered by kacskrz , one of the most recognized members of XDA Developers, who after investigating the source code of the latest Chinese beta for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro discovered several indications of this new folding smartphone on which Xiaomi works . This, under the code name « Cetus «, would become Xiaomi's first folding smartphone since next to it there are several calls to the isFoldAbleDevive method (probably a typographical error that would actually refer to isFlodAbleDevive, obtaining a value of «True ». Render of one of the latest patents registered by Xiaomi for a folding smartphone. Likewise, this Xiaomi «Cetus» is related to other parts of the code where a new system for monitoring the screen fold is mentioned. T

Amazon Prime Video: Series and film highlights for the weekend and week 45/2020

Amazon Prime Video has spiced up its program for the weekend with new films and series. Many new films and series will be on offer this weekend and the coming week. Actually there should be something for everyone again, comedy, horror, action, everything your heart desires. Just take a look. And if not, the weather should be really nice. Then you can just go out into the sun. All new films on Amazon Orphan - the orphan Come to daddy Nosferatu - Phantom of the Night Blair Witch Project Baby driver On, on and on! - Corona. The Bundesliga. The restart. What Happened in Vegas Desierto - Deadly hunt The Foreigner Robin Hood - The Rebel The Noah's Ark Principle Cube 2: Hypercube AXL - My best friend 2.0 Bellflower The pilgrim Borgman Black eyes All new series on Amazon Utopia Truth seekers Amazon Prime Video: Enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of films and series episodes including Amazon Prime premium shipping for millions of articles. Membership can be canc

Netflix: All new films and series for the weekend and week 45/2020

The weekend is just around the corner. And Netflix has again updated its offer for the weekend and the coming week. Below you will find an overview of all the newly released films and series on Netflix this week. There are interesting things to be found underneath. All new films on Netflix The call Voces - The voices La Belva - The inner beast Gangs of Marseilles La Valla - survival on the border The secrets of the Saqqara tomb Holidate Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Gipsy Queen His house Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine Guillermo Vilas - A correction Beyond Skyline Pandemic - Fear the Dead Bullet head Path of vengeance Jason and the Argonauts Jeruzalem The pursuit of happiness Greatest Showman Insidious: Chapter 2 All new series on Netflix Blood of Zeus, Season 1 Suburra, season 1 You Me Her, Season 5 The Devil Punisher, Season 1 Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt, Season 4 Dance, season 1 Waiting for the bus, season 1 Orion Space Patrol, S

Honor 10X Lite officially presented

The Honor 10X Lite is official. The Huawei subsidiary has presented a new mid-range smartphone. The latest addition to Honor's X10 lineup has now been introduced with the 10X Lite. It's a more affordable alternative to the X10 5G and X10 Max 5G, with mid-range specifications and a 5,000 mAh battery with 22.5 W fast charge. The Honor 10X Lite has a 6.67 ″ IPS LCD with FullHD + resolution and a "punch hole" for the 8 MP selfie camera. A fingerprint sensor is attached to the side, while the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the Type-C connector are installed on the bottom. On the back there is a 48 MP main camera with an aperture of f / 1.8 and a 5 MP ultra-wide angle lens. Two further 2 MP modules for macro shots and depth data are also installed. The phone is powered by the HiSilicon Kirin 710 with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which can be expanded via a microSD card. Android 10 with Honor's Magic UI 3.1 is used as the operating system. Unsurprisingly, there ar

Pixel 5 in DxOMark: It s only enough for midfield

Cameras used to be the domain of Pixel devices. The fact that Google continues to rely on sensors that are several years old and has only improved the software is now reaching its limits with the Pixel 5. Unfortunately, the new Google Pixel 5 can no longer place in the top 10 of the best smartphone cameras. Now it is only enough for a place in midfield, more precisely, only for 15th place. The hardware has just gotten a bit old, you can now see that and the software can no longer work miracles. So it is time for Google to use newer technology for its camera sensors. So you have problems with texture, noise, bokeh and zoom. When it comes to exposure, color and autofocus, however, you are among the best you can get. Per: Faster and more accurate auto focus (photo & video) Bright and vivid colors (photo & video) Precise white balance for outdoor shots Effective video stabilization Good exposure for ultra-wide photos Nice exposure for portraits with flash Reliable prev

Xiaomi «Venus», a mid-range with 5G, 108MP and curved screen

This morning we have told you about a new model that has been certified by Xiaomi. As you could read, we only knew that it was a device that supported 5G and a little more. Well, it turns out that a while ago, while we were investigating the most recent code of the MIUI betas , we have found more details about this new device, which will be a new Xiaomi mid-range . With these details that we will tell you below, we can get an idea of ​​what Xiaomi has in store for us soon. Xiaomi «Venus», Qualcomm mid-range, 5G, 108 MP and curved screen Specifically, it will be a 5G device as we have mentioned before, which will have a mid-range Qualcomm processor. Also, as it will have a 108 MP sensor, it is most likely that it is Qualcomm's new processor, the Snapdragon 690 . Xiaomi «Venus» device certification (MIIT). In addition to contracting with a 108 megapixel sensor, the internal code of the camera application indicates that it would have 3 sensors , although it is not clear

Vodafone warns of 5G exclusion from Huawei

Vodafone boss Hannes Ametsreiter warns in an interview with Focus that Huawei will be excluded from the German 5G network. The expansion of the 5G network is already rather embarrassing for a high-tech country like Germany. But if you then also exclude Huawei, that would throw the expansion back years. Exclusion would require major technical interventions in the network when upgrading to the new 5G standard, as this is based on LTE. And the network technology for this comes largely from Huawei. "Exclusion of Huawei would result in the 5G network expansion being delayed by up to five years and cost significantly more" Hannes Ametsreiter So you would first have to remove this technology and replace it with other manufacturers who are significantly more expensive. Only then could the 5G network be expanded further, here again with significantly more expensive network technology than from Huawei. Of course, this would take a lot longer and cost more money. Money that the

Xiaomi is the new number 3 smartphone manufacturer

The new number 3 smartphone manufacturer is called Xiaomi! The manufacturer from China overtook Apple in the 3rd quarter and ranks behind Samsung and Huawei. The analysts from Canalys , IDC and Counterpoint unanimously confirm the upward trend of Xiaomi. This puts the technology company in third place worldwide for smartphones with at least 46.2 million units shipped in the third quarter of 2020 and an annual growth of at least 42 percent. "We are very pleased to be among the top 3 in the year of our ten-year company anniversary. We are now doing everything we can to transfer this result to the German market. We have already achieved this in some channels, although we have only been represented here for just over a year. So it's going really well! " Alan Chen Li, Country Manager Germany at Xiaomi Source: IDC Source: Canalys Source: Counterpoint Xiaomi now has a market share of around 13 percent. While all other manufacturers' deliveries stagnated or, as in th

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 already gets patch in November 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is getting the security update from November 2020 in the USA. The October 2020 security patch for the new foldable smartphone was released just last week. So now you postpone the one for November. Google itself will probably only supply its Pixel smartphones with it on Monday. The update is called F916BXXU1BTJB and has a size of 350 MB. As can be seen from the changelog, this update also brings general stability improvements for the device. According to the source, the standard camera app will also be updated to version with the new build. Sources): Android headlines The post Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 gets patch already November 2020 first appeared on Xiaomist .

You buy a Redmi 8A and Amazon sends you a bar of soap inside the box

More than news today we bring you a story above all curious. A purchase of the Redmi 8A Dual made on Amazon that unfortunately did not end entirely well unless the buyer really needed a cleaning soap. This story goes back days throughout the Amazon Great Indian Festival , something like an Indian Black Friday where the inhabitants of India make all kinds of purchases taking advantage of great discounts. Well, Nman Vaish, the protagonist of this story, taking advantage of a great offer of the Redmi 8A Dual proceeded to purchase it, getting a big surprise after opening the terminal box and finding what you can see in the following images. I have order MI redmi 8A dual on 24 October in exchange and today we gave our old phone in exchange to delivery boy and received an empty box with a #rin soup bar Dear Amazon please don't break consumer's trust and get this thing resolve Attaching images @amazonIN @AmazonHelp - Naman Vaish (@vaish_naman) Octob

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro ECG with EKG will be released in December

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro was presented a few weeks ago. But a model variant with an EKG should be available in December. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro ECG has now been presented in China. This model can be used to record an electrocardiogram (ECG for short). However, this is the only change compared to the model already available. In China, the EKG version will be available in stores in December and cost 2,688 yuan there, equivalent to EUR 345.00. But it is not yet clear whether the model will also be available in this country. The article Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro ECG with EKG appears in December first appeared on Xiaomist .

Huawei achieves incredibly super-fast smartphone charging

Huawei claims to have set new records for charging smartphones. Previously unbelievable achievements should have been achieved. Huawei has achieved 120W and 200W super fast smartphone charging. But Huawei does not yet know whether this will be seen in a device in the near future. It was raised that the battery capacity will naturally shrink over a certain period of time due to the extremely super-fast charging, and the thickness of the smartphone housing will probably not increase either. Therefore, the current option of 66W fast charging is best suited for smartphones, according to Huawei. Xiaomi, Oppo and other manufacturers seem to have sworn to 100 W and 120 W respectively. Sources): Huawei Central The post Huawei achieves incredibly super-fast charging on smartphones first appeared on Xiaomist .

Samsung Galaxy S21 (SM-G991U) gets NFC certification

Samsung's next flagship series, the Galaxy S21, has appeared on various certification websites. And the Samsung Galaxy S21 with the model number SM-G991U has now received its NFC certificate. In addition to the certification, there is little more information about the upcoming flagship. According to recent reports Samsung could at the new flagship series to a charger or headphones forego . Additionally, the Galaxy S21 and S21 + chargers were recently spotted on a 3C certification which confirms the battery stats of both devices. The Samsung Galaxy S21 could have a 3880 mAh battery while the Galaxy S21 + could appear with a 4660 mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy S21 SM-G991U NFC certificate (Source: GadgetSay) According to the various websites with benchmarks and certifications, the Galaxy S21 series in the US and China will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 SoC. In other countries, the next Samsung flagships will be powered by an in-house Exynos 2100 SoC. Samsung will lau

Amazfit Pop launched: 1.43-inch display and plenty for $52

Huami is known to bring smart wearables at a low price compared to the other brands in the market. We can talk about the Huami Amazfit Bip Series and Stratos Series, which customers love and are available at affordable prices. Amazfit has wrapped off the new Huami Amazfit Pop smartwatch, which might be one of … The post Amazfit Pop launched: 1.43-inch display and plenty for $52 appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Broadband monitor: overview map for all cellular networks overloaded

It would have been so nice. The broadband monitor was launched yesterday and, in addition to network coverage from all providers across Germany, should also show dead spots. Should. The service is currently unavailable. Server overloads are indicated and a solution to the problem is currently being worked on. Either the onslaught is so big or the broadband monitor is once again an indictment for the Federal Network Agency. So when everything works again, you can see the network coverage of all providers in Germany on the interactive map. Unfortunately not in real time, but they have announced 4 updates a year so that they have a relatively current database. What is unfortunately still completely missing is the display of the availability of the 5G network. Sources): Federal Network Agency The article Broadband Monitor: Overview map for all cellular networks overloaded first appeared on Xiaomist .