Xiaomi teams up with other manufacturers to create AQS, a new standard for audio quality

Initiated by Oppo, Xiaomi has joined AQS this past Friday, a new company made up of numerous technology manufacturers and sound specialists, in order to create its own audio quality standard designed for the 5G era .

As a goal, the Audio Quality Society (AQS) will seek to build a platform that jointly promotes the performance of audio verification standards and testing. Likewise, AQS will seek to promote innovation based on the development of a high definition audio ecosystem.

Among its many members we find renowned manufacturers such as Edifier, HiBy, HiVi, HIFIMAN, Knowles, MediaTek, Savitech, Xiaomi or Vivo, all of them driven by Oppo, which has been the developer of this idea.

AQS to focus on audio quality for the 5G era

Xiaomi teams up with other manufacturers to create AQS, a new standard for audio quality. News Xiaomi

Heading into the 5G era, where we will be able to take advantage of new audio standards thanks to the high transmission speeds that this technology entails , AQS will focus on six main areas . Among them, it will be promoted that users can enjoy professional and high definition audio:

  • Guarantee the quality of voice calls through wireless headphones.
  • Support new high-quality standards with the LHDC codec.
  • Impose stricter requirements for the environmental noise reduction standard.
  • Improve the performance of the Bluetooth connection.
  • Impose hearing improvements that are easier to use.
  • Achieve low latency transmission technology.

In summary, AQS will now seek to achieve new sound quality standards focused on the era in which we live , either by taking advantage of technologies such as 5G or wireless media that will undoubtedly dominate over wired ones.

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The Xiaomi entry is allied with other manufacturers to create AQS, a new audio quality standard was first published on XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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