Xiaomi s POCO X3 will have such a ridiculous price that you will want to buy it yes or yes

In just two days Xiaomi will present its new POCO X3 NFC , a mid-range terminal equipped with certain very interesting features, which together with a laughable price will make more than one end up buying it.

If we remember, Xiaomi's new POCO X3 NFC will have a 6.67-inch IPS screen capable of reaching 120Hz . In turn, it will equip a Snapdragon 732G processor capable of offering up to 15% more performance than the Snapdragon 730G and a total of 6GB of RAM .

Plus, your battery won't be left behind. Its battery will reach a total of 5,160mAh offering a great autonomy capable of exceeding the day's duration. To this are added other technologies such as a 33W fast charging system, NFC and a 64MP main camera that will have nothing to envy the superior range.

POCO X3 NFC, everything you are looking for at a laugh price

Best of all, it seems that the new POCO X3 NFC will have a laughable price . According to the latest data, Xiaomi will pull out of its sleeve a whole TOP sales whose price will be just 199 euros , at least at the time of its launch as a promotional offer.

This amount will be for its variant equipped with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage . A directly brutal price that we can also surely reduce through the odd discount coupon .

In short, we are completely convinced that the POCO X3 NFC will be a sales success . Its 120Hz screen, the great performance of its processor, its great autonomy and of course, its 64MP camera will make it probably the most interesting smartphone in its price range or even beyond.

Xiaomi's POCO X3 will have such a ridiculous price that you will want to buy it yes or yes. News Xiaomi

And don't forget that it is already available on AliExpress as a pre-sale . Its price for now is provisional but after its presentation on September 7, it will change to its official launch price in its two variants of 64GB and 128GB.

Also do not forget to join our Telegram group dedicated to POCO X3 NFC . In it you will find this and other news, as well as the best tutorials and guides for this expected Xiaomi smartphone. In addition, you can see his presentation live from this YouTube channel .

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