Xiaomi s new POCO X3 NFC can be seen on GeekBench revealing its performance

Xiaomi will present this September 7 its new POCO X3 NFC, a mid-range terminal equipped with the Snapdragon 732G that today appears in one of the most recognized benchmark platforms demonstrating what its performance will be.

In detail, the new POCO X3 NFC has made an appearance in GeekBench demonstrating a performance above a large part of all those Xiaomi devices that integrate the Snapdragon 730G inside.

As a result, this new Xiaomi device gets a score of 571 points at single core and 1,766 points at Multi-Core . With this, the POCO X3 NFC is positioned ahead of other terminals such as the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 or the Xiaomi Mi 9T, equaling itself with the POCOPHONE F1.

Xiaomi's new POCO X3 NFC can be seen on GeekBench revealing its performance. News Xiaomi

Xiaomi's POCO X3 NFC score on GeekBench.

The POCO X3 NFC will position itself as Xiaomi's most powerful mid-range

In this way we could say that Xiaomi's new POCO X3 NFC will have a performance above the Xiaomi mid-range , offering greater potential especially attractive for those who play regularly or who like to squeeze the most out of their performance. device.

Let's not forget that the Snapdragon 732G that we will find within the POCO X3 NFC already offers 15% more performance in the graphic section compared to the Snapdragon 730G . This in combination with its possible 120Hz screen will make the new member of the POCO family a cheap gaming terminal.

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