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Xiaomi launches new low-power vertical air conditioner in China

Xiaomi has just launched a low-power three-level air conditioner with a capacity of 1hp and 1.5hp, and now the company is launching another similar product. The company introduced the Xiaomi 2hp vertical air conditioner. The price of this product is 3,699 yuan ($ 543) and it can be ordered with a discount of 100 yuan ($ 15).

Xiaomi's new three-level low-power vertical air conditioner comes with a compact cylindrical design that has a touch panel at the top for control. The effective area covered by the device is 20-30 square meters and the volume of circulating air is 1000m³ / h. The company says the fan and air duct design has been optimized to reduce noise to (33dB).

This device is equipped with antibacterial and anti-mold filter. According to the company, the fins of the device are automatically cleaned in case of blockage. It also supports Mi App to control the device along with XiaoAI voice control.

The company first launched the vertical air conditioning system in November last year, and then launched the 3hp vertical air conditioner priced at 5,999 yuan, which covers an area of ​​30 square meters.

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