Xiaomi is sending the cheap Mi 10 with 5G for less than 300 euros into the race

Xiaomi has been known for offering affordable smartphones since its inception. Now the manufacturer wants to send a cheap 5G smartphone for less than 300 euros into the race.

Xiaomi officially announced today that it will launch a 5G smartphone for less than 300 euros this month.

Xiaomi has been operating in Europe for a number of years. In the last few quarters, the market share has slowly increased. In light of Huawei's problems, the company is now trying to show off in Europe.

Although Xioami's Redmi brand offers a range of affordable 5G phones in China, it won't be any of the devices that should appear for less than EUR 300.00. It is to be a device of the Mi 10 series, which is operated with the Snapdragon chipset of the 700 series from Qualcomm.

Xiaomi 5G-Smartphone Teaser
Xiaomi 5G smartphone teaser (Source: Xiaomi)

Currently, the only mid-range 5G phone that Xiaomi sells in Europe is the Mi 10 Lite, priced at 350 euros. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 765G SoC, which can be found in almost all budget 5G devices sold worldwide.

The only other Snapdragon 700 series processor that offers 5G is the Snapdragon 768G. Therefore, the upcoming mysterious Xiaomi 5G smartphone with a price below EUR 300.00 will probably be powered by one of the two processors. Or Qualcomm can quickly conjure up a new 5G processor out of the hat.

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