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Xiaomi has launched the standard version of the Smart Dashboard 2 camera

In May of this year, Xiaomi introduced the 2K version of the Xiaomi Smart Dashboard for 399 yuan ($ 58). The company now offers the standard version of the Xiaomi Smart 2 Dashboard for a lower price of 299 yuan ($ 44). This product is sold on the youpin website.

Launched in May, the Xiaomi 2K Smart Dashboard looks like a regular camera and can record superb video at up to 1600p. The back is equipped with a 3.0-inch IPS display to clearly show the details of what is being recorded. The new model has a more compact structure but retains a square design with a side length of 7 cm. The recording resolution of this model has been reduced to 1080P instead of 2K in the first model, which is still enough to produce clear images. The screen on the back has also been reduced to a 2.0-inch LCD screen.

This device uses a 1/2/9 inch light-sensitive element and is equipped with a large aperture of F / 2.0 to achieve high quality shooting in low light environments. At the same time, the lens has an extremely wide viewing angle of 130 degrees, which can cover three lines and reduce blind spots in photography.

The standard version of the Xiaomi Smart Dashboard 2 camera supports intelligent voice control, and you do not need to activate the device when recording because you can directly command the voice to be saved instantly depending on the current command, image or video.

In addition, with the Mejia app, users can connect to this dashboard camera to view snapshots, play back and upload old images. This standard version also supports more efficient H.265 encryption, which with the same resolution takes up less storage space.

Xiaomi launches standard version of Smart Dashboard 2 for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.

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