Xiaomi and Roborock robot vacuum cleaners will tour airports and shopping centers

Since Xiaomi hit the market, its product diversification strategy has been expanding exponentially. Beyond its smartphones, Xiaomi has a wide variety of products for the home, among which we find its robot vacuum cleaners.

These, mostly manufactured with Roborock, not only enter homes, but it seems that soon they will do so in airports, shopping centers and offices in order to optimize and speed up the cleaning process in general.

And, according to the latest news from China, Xiaomi and Roborock will develop various robot vacuum cleaners for companies whose commercial activity is carried out in large surfaces.

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In itself, it is expected that it will be shortly when Roborock, of which Xiaomi has almost a 25% stake , begins to make the first pre-orders of these new robots aimed at a more professional use than we give them in our homes.

In short, one more step ahead of the replacement of the human factor by robots . It will be necessary to see how well these robot vacuum cleaners work and if we will finish seeing them outside the Chinese borders.

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