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We analyze the new Xiaomi precision screwdriver in its electric version

After analyzing the Xiaomi Mijia 16 in 1 , today I bring you the analysis of one of the latest Xiaomi products that I have bought. Specifically, it is the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit , an electric version of the famous precision screwdriver that the firm already had.

In detail, this screwdriver, as you want to see it, was launched in China a little less than a month ago as the motorized version of the manual kit that many of you will already know and that for quite some time we can even acquire from Spain .

The best thing about this electric variant is that even though it is precision, its motor is smooth enough not to damage electronic components. Configurable with 0.05Nm or 0.2Nm , the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Ki allows us to do the same as its manual version but more quickly.

Unboxing and first impression of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit

After opening the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit electric screwdriver box, we will find its case. This is completely made of metal , covered in turn by a layer of somewhat rubbery paint that gives it a pleasant sensation to the touch.

Analysis and review of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit motorized electric screwdriver. News Xiaomi

Contents of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit box.

After pressing the upper part, its internal compartment is extra where the electric screwdriver itself and each of its various precision bits are housed. The latter are magnetized in themselves to the case itself , being perfectly arranged.

The screwdriver for its part has a considerable weight that gives it a feeling of robustness , giving us to understand that we are dealing with a quality product. Like the tips, this one adapts precisely to its case , staying inside it so that it can be easily transported.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit

Beyond that, the kit is completed with a small manual and a cable of only about 20 centimeters that will allow us to recharge the battery of the electric screwdriver itself. Which by the way, this has a USB Type C port, thus adapted to the current trend.

Features and user experience

If we go to the theoretical section, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit has an electric motor capable of reaching 200rpm , being configurable between 0.05Nm and 0.2Nm . For the latter, the screwdriver itself has a small selector in its upper part that allows us to adjust these torque levels, " I " being the softest, " · " the neutral mode without turning and " II " the strongest torque level. .

It should be noted that its lower torque level allows precise screwing or unscrewing without damaging any component . This is so smooth that you stop as soon as you feel some resistance, a sign that the screw is already tight enough.

Analysis and review of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit motorized electric screwdriver. News Xiaomi

Gripping it with one hand, just at the height of our thumb, two physical buttons are located . These allow us, by means of a gentle pulsation, that the screwdriver begins to rotate either clockwise ( R ) or counterclockwise ( L ).

Analysis and review of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit motorized electric screwdriver. News Xiaomi

To all this, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit adds a total of 24 precision tips that are magnetized , and are also very easy to exchange. These are PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, SL1.5, SL2.0, H0.7, H0.9, H1.5, H2.0, P2, P5, 2.3, W1.5, Y0.6, Y1, T2, T3, T4, T5H, T6H, T8H, T9H and T10H.

As far as battery is concerned, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit fulfills the theory. Its 350mAh battery rechargeable through a USB Type C port provides a great autonomy of approximately 400 uses that are promised.

Conclusion and personal opinion

As with the Xiaomi Mijia 16 in 1, as soon as we take the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit out of its box we realize that we are facing a quality product . Its materials have a very good finish, providing a great feeling of robustness.

In addition, its case is very practical. That is, while the outer box is made of metal, the inner part where the tips and the screwdriver itself are located turns out to be almost entirely plastic. This makes that when sliding the outer cover both materials rub together and therefore transmitting a sensation not suitable for delicates.

Likewise, its rotation selector is the most comfortable to use . It is in the perfect area so that we can select the direction of rotation without having to look at it and in a really intuitive way. The same goes for its torque setting, its operation is easy to understand and configure.

Even so, from my personal point of view I think that the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit is dispensable if we are not professional users who dedicate ourselves to disassembling countless electronic devices on a daily basis. For non-professional use a manual screwdriver is sufficient.

In short, for its price, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit is a product that shows that Xiaomi is the king of quality / price. Its strong points are:

  • Affordable price.
  • Quality materials.
  • Lightweight and quite ergonomic.
  • Magnetic tips that we can keep in their practical case.
  • Very easy to use physical buttons as they are in a perfect place.
  • High autonomy.
  • Includes USB Type-C cable

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Kit also has certain negative points that although they are few, it also has them:

  • The internal compartment of the case should have smoother glides.
  • The compartments for the tips only include a drawing of their shape and not their type, so reattaching them will be somewhat difficult.

The entry We analyze the new Xiaomi precision screwdriver in its electric version was first published on XIAOMIADICTOS: Xiaomi news and news website .


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