VW ID.4: A first look at the cockpit of the electric SUV

"Freedom outside, freedom inside". This is how Volkswagen treads the interior of the new ID.4. And now also shows a few pictures of the cockpit.

Production of the VW ID.4 has already started , and the electric SUV should also hit the streets this year . To get a little taste for it, the manufacturer has now published the first pictures of the cockpit.

The pictures show that the materials are even higher quality than the VW ID.3. And the pictures also reveal who was taken as a model for the operating concept. Tesla was clearly the godfather.

Here, too, the large middle display dominates, but there are still a few buttons underneath. In addition to the steering wheel and on the driver's door, there are other controls, but there is also a smaller display behind the valance.

Of course, there is also a head-up display on request, which shows the most important information on the windshield.

The block also reveals that the cockpit of the VW ID.3 and VW ID.4 by and large looks very similar, even if the ID.4 is of a significantly higher quality.

Volkswagen AG

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