This is what the new MIUI interface would look like to turn off and restart our Xiaomi

Although in itself we have already seen countless news with the launch of MIUI 12 , Xiaomi continues to improve its famous customization layer. This time, beyond integrating new functions, it appears to have a completely renewed interface to turn off our smartphone .

In detail, this new interface that has supposedly been leaked from the development team itself has a much more modern and minimalist design, adapted in part to the new MIUI 12 volume interface and why not say it, almost identical to the one used by Realme on your devices. UPDATED : The source of the article has removed the capture for reasons that are still unknown. We will remain attentive to any news in case it is a Fake.

Unlike the shutdown menu that we currently find, this new menu will be positioned on the right side of the screen, allowing us to slide our finger in the direction of the action we want to perform ; up to restart and down to shut down the terminal.

This is how the new MIUI interface looks to turn off and restart our Xiaomi. news Xiaomi

In addition, this new menu adds an animation of the most striking according to the new effects of MIUI 12. And it is that, at the same time that we slide our finger towards the off zone, the screen will darken in a degraded effect as a turn off the screen in a much more visual way.

In short, another novelty for our Xiaomi devices that although it does not provide a functionality in itself, the truth is that it adds a much more attractive and modern touch to the MIUI interface . As we said, at the moment it is not official that this is the new interface that takes the MIUI shutdown menu, so we will be aware of any news in this regard.

Source | Telegram XIAOMIUI

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